Thursday, December 20, 2007

The beginning of a collection...

These roses are part of a collection. I think they are all outstanding.

This is rosa 'Nacogdoches', now called 'Grandma's Yellow Rose'. This is going to be the new Texas SuperStar rose. Clear, strong yellow, once established, it needs little or no care. Large blooms, wonderful fragrance, and it blooms all year!

This is 'Belinda's Dream'. This rose possesses most of the characteristics of the yellow rose, plus it is disease resistant. No spraying!

This is 'Double KnockOut'!
This is the newest Knockout, I think. I know that the old ones are fantastic, blooming like crazy right now. Just gorgeous!


OhioMom said...

OMG those are gorgeous ... roses in December .. sigh :)

Jean said...

You forgot to say that the yellow rose is also known as the 'Chicken rose' -- I look forward to having one, and Belinda's Dream in the Pink Rose Bed.

O'Mom, you might look at Walmart for mini roses; I know they have them before Valentine's. I've had them growing in the house before and they'll bloom all winter in a sunny window. Roses are tougher than they look.

OhioMom said...

Thanks Jean, but I only have northern exposure in my apartment, don't know that Roses would do well without sunshine.

ancient one said...

That yellow rose is my favorite. I had a yellow rose that bloomed for the longest time next to my old ancient fence. Last year it didn't do much. I want to replace it with a new one. Chicken rose .. Grandma's rose .. Maybe I can remember..LOL

janie said...

It got the name 'Chicken rose' because it is growing in front of the Churches Fried Chicken place in Edna. My friend Pat and I were in there one day at lunch, and it was all we could do to keep from rushing out and mutilating this rose bush. It was sooooo beautiful, drought and all! We asked the boss lady if we could have cuttings and she was happy for us give it a haircut.

About a year later, maybe more, I started hearing about a yellow rose that was like Belinda's Dream, in that it is tough as boot leather, AND beautiful, and LO and Behold! it was this same yellow rose!

It was called "Nacogdoches" in the olden days, but somebody at TAMU got hold of it and changed the name to "Grandma's Yellow" rose. I would just as soon call it 'Chicken rose'.

This rose does not like being in a pot, but once it is in the ground, it takes off! I just think it is going to be hard to beat.