Friday, December 7, 2007

AN tis uh PA-a tion!

I almost cannot wait! The little seedlings of 'Laura Bush' petunia are beginning to appear. She doesn't mind the cold of winter here, and is such a beautiful sight. Her bright majenta blossoms are a real treat on dreary winter days. She has won a permanent place in my garden, and in my heart.

The garlic beside her is a steadfast companion, returning every year.


OhioMom said...

Is the garlic edible ? I have only found one local farm selling garlic ... what I wouldn't give for a four square piece of dirt LOL !

janie said...

I think this is elephant garlic. Definitely edible. Milder than regular garlic, and very large. Excellent roasted!

ancient one said...

I knew I liked Laura Bush!! Don't know that I've seen that petunia yet, but I will check them carefully next spring at the nursery/green houses in my area.

I appreciate your offer of the Hyacinth Bean seeds, but I think I'll have enough of my own this year. FINALLY !!!

Jean said...

Laura Bush is easy from seeds, and Wildseed offers them, kind of a Texas thang. Then they just reseed beautifully.

I have them blooming in the ruins beds and more seedlings among the bunch onions -- or is that nicotiana seedlings, too tiny to be sure?