Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Makes me wish it was already Spring....

This is a lovely flower to anticipate in the spring.

My Wonderful Spouse found this plant at our local "transfer station". To everybody else, that would be "the dump" Someone had dug them up and thrown them away.

It is a crinum, not sure which one. We call it a 'ribbon' lily, and it blooms for about 3 weeks in the late spring, early summer.

Pretty good for a free plant. I was astonished when it bloomed.


OhioMom said...

Lovely ... reminds me of the time when I was managing property and was doing the landscaping. I asked the custodian to help me clean up the yard in late fall, I came around the corner and he had pulled up every single one of my some 50 lily plants and thrown them in the dumpster.

I learned what dumpster diving was all about that day ... LOL !

ancient one said...

I remember some of your wonderful finds from my days visiting Garden Web... We were/are envious of your dump! LOL