Saturday, December 1, 2007

I feel so wealthy!

I was leaving the Extension Office in town, when I noticed Claude raking pine needles. When asked what he was going to do with them, he told me he was going to throw them away!


So I asked if I could have them, and he promised to bag them up and leave them so I could pick them up. AND HE DID!

So, now I have 3 BALES of wonderful mulch material for my rose beds! Free! And I didn't even have to rake them up!

I don't mind raking them, it is just hard for me to find them to rake. We have very alkaline soil, and the pine needles are usually 'taken' or 'spoken for' by the time I see them. They are a valuable commodity around here. LOL

I am rich, rich, rich!

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Jean said...

I just covered my newly planted bulbs with compost made from the live oak tree that fell over in 2003. Black Gold! The tree fell on the Right of Way and the County chipped it for free.

Every kind of mulch is valuable. A friend just hired a 75 foot Magnolia cut down and it was fed straight into the chipper and hauled away. Imagine what decors the governor's mansion staff and the Capital decorators could have made from all that. Gone. Sad.