Sunday, December 16, 2007

This is PINK firespike!

This is the PINK firespike I have alluded to earlier (somewhere!) Pink is not common at all, the RED firespikes being most prevalent. I have 3 nice big plants. I can stick lots of cuttings and eventually have great swaths and drifts of this plant, too.

Odontonema strictum is the botanical, we call it 'firespike', but it is also called 'Mexican firespike'. It is winter hardy in the south (zones 8-11), and tolerates our hot summers as well. A real selling point for this plant is that it blooms beautifully in deep shade or part shade!

This is the RED firespike. This one is common in our area. I do like it too!
Firespike will easily reach 5' in height in a season. It doesn't require a lot of water, which makes it a good choice for us.


Jean said...

I will need some of that, yes, Wonderful for the Magneta Beds, where everything is somewhere between maroon and pink, except for the orange things that got in there somehow.

islandgal246 said...

I knew it looked like the red fire spike but have never seen the pink.