Monday, December 31, 2007

Just for fun..

can somebody tell me what the label thingies are for? And how do you get them? Do you have a 'Label Assignor' on the loose out there, or do the words just pop out of your post?

sry Iam so slo.


Jean said...

You choose your own labels. If you write about roses, you type 'roses' in the little box that says labels. You type roses for roses, or flowers for everything. The broader the subjects (labels) the fewer labels you have to deal with. Once you type a label, it will pop up when you start to type it for another post.

janie said...

Well, what are they good for?

How do you use them?

Jean said...

When your blog grows to 500 posts and you want to see a post on, say, Pride of Barbados, you won't have to read 494 posts to find it.

If, like me, you forget what you already wrote about, you can look to see if a particular subject is already listed.

Go look at the bottom side bar on Seed Scatterer -- scroll down to the blue, there's a clickable list of labels. You can use the same label over and over. 'Salvia' could cover numerous posts. One post could have 6 different labels, if you like (red, fragrant, perennial, salvia, underplanting, cuttings).

MrBrownThumb said...

Also some people search for blogs on the net blogs using the labels for the reasons Jean mentions. Do a search for "Labels:Corn" and you'll find some blog posts that are about corn. Other blogging platforms call them "tags" but they're basically the same thing.

One thing I would caution against is going label crazy. Resist labeling for everything in a post because the label list can get long.

Jean said...

Another Thought: You might not want to make individual labels for each cultivar unless you want a really, really long list. For instance, lump all roses under 'roses' or 'rosa.'

If you name the post the cultivar name, those folks searching on google can still find 'Cranberry Punch' if the tag (label) reads hibiscus.

janie said...

I think I understand. I will work on it later.