Tuesday, November 20, 2007

and another.....

This is the Confederate rose. Actually, this one is a sport, hence the two tone appearance.

I have them that bloom pink, then turn colors to finish as a crimson bloom. And I have them that bloom white, and turn to crimson. Both are show-stoppers when they are in full bloom.

The bloom is enormous, as big as a man's hand in most cases.

This one is from a wayward seed, so it isn't really sure which way it is going to bloom. It isn't all white, nor all pink. Not very big, but not a single as many sports are. (The singles remind me of magnolias.)
I like it anyway.

This plant is incredibly easy to propagate. Just cut it and stick it; don't let it dry out. It will grow.

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Becky Johnson said...

This Confererate Rose is beautiful. I think I need one of these. Are they easy to grow in South Texas, as we live near the coast and it is hot and windy.