Tuesday, November 13, 2007

WHOOOwhooooo! I think my internet is fixed!

Peoples scurrying all over the place here this afternoon. Three techs from my ISP here to fix the internet. It seems to be working since they left, MAYBE it is fixed!

Let us hope it is so!

I have little baby seedlings up. Swiss chard 'Bright Lights' are about 3" tall. There are a lot of them, and the stalks are all different colors. I love this plant because it lends colors to the garden so beautifully.

My dill and parsley are up. Goodness, I have a lot of baby dill plants! I am going to moved some of them to the front flowerbed. Dill is so elegant, and in winter, it is nice to see the seed heads when they are full, like big old flowers.
ALSO...............I have a ton of spinach. I like it raw, hate it cooked. We will have many fine salads from this crop.

The pepper plants are full of peppers; every color you can imagine, even PINK! The 'Super Chili' is my favorite, although 'Black Pearl' and 'Christmas Ornament' are also my favorite. The 'Super Chili' looks like a pepper plant with a hundred old fashioned Christmas lights sticking out from among the leaves...all different colors.

My vegetable garden is growing nicely. I was given a 9-pack of Brussel sprouts- what will I DO with all those Brussel Sprouts? We don't eat them, I just like to watch them grow.

And the cardoon and artichokes are up!
Cardoon is a beautifully architectural plant, and good to eat too. The last cardoon I grew got to be 12' across, so be sure to give it plenty of room. The flowers are a big old purple thistle looking flower, and they are pretty too. They are supposed to be frost tender, but mine did not freeze.

I suppose they might, if it gets cold enough.
The artichokes are very similar, but a coarser looking plant than the cardoon. My grands love finding 'neat' plants in the garden.

Also, my husband was not too thrilled when first I was growing 'a thistle' type flower. He did mellow when he realized it wasn't going to take over the whole garden. And look like a weed.........


Jean said...

Hooray! Hallelujah!

Anonymous said...

theres a cardoon in River Oaks that bloomed a bunch of awesome purple flowers