Thursday, November 15, 2007

WHAT was I thinking?????


Janie was elected 2008 President of the Jackson County Master Gardener Assn.

WHAT was I thinking?

WHAHAHAHAHahahahahahaha! can I get out of this one?


ancient one said...

Congratulations!! Well deserved I'm sure. They know they are getting a good gardener!!

One one of the other post you said:
"The 'Super Chili' looks like a pepper plant with a hundred old fashioned Christmas lights sticking out from among the leaves...all different colors." I sure would like to see a picture of that pepper plant.

I'm so glad you got your internet fixed. LOL I was shopping on a tool site for my husband and at one point a page came up that said "Go Back You Broke the Internet" ... I thought that was clever...


Jean said...

You'll be fine.

I have a photo of Super Chili if you haven't one handy.

While we're talking about breaking something on the Internet: If you're working on your blog and just as you are almost there, a blank page comes up that says something like there's been an error -- Do NOT Panic -- quickly hit the Refresh button on your browser. That usually fixes it and your post loads.