Tuesday, November 6, 2007

First Monday sale

I have my pictures downloaded to my computer, but the sheer number of them is confusing!

I didn't buy much. I bought a birdcage with a nice tarnished finish.

I bought a nice old composition doll that was crying for me to bring her home. She is a baby, with open/shut eyes, and two teeth. She is in really good condition, but she only has her old underwear on. She needs a dress. She was only $7.50, which is why I know she was wanting to come home with me.

I bought a slew of doll clothes for almost nothing. I know I have a doll that will fit into those clothes.

I bought a cute Christmas ornament made from an old piece of quilt. It is a boot shape, flat, cut from old quilt, and starched. I bought it for the idea, mostly. I am always looking for an ornament to make for my whole family- that is a whole bunch of ornaments.

I bought raspberry tea. I could have bought it elsewhere, but I was there, and so was the tea, so I bought it.

I bought a steak turner for Bob, and some racks for his air hoses and extension cords. They also had them for water hoses, but I didn't buy them. I probably will order some of them later. You can see them here- http://www.geckostoes.com/. Bob really liked his presents.

I bought a sign for Pat, and an old iron cross. A few little doo-dads. Only one gardening item- a little clear bottle with holes drilled into the sides of it. A piece of copper wire, quite substantial wire, too, was run through the holds and twisted and curled up to make a hanger. It is for rooting cuttings.

Oh, wait! The other thing I got was a double rinse tub for a wringer washing machine. I am going to use it to grow herbs. I had one once before, and loved it, and it looks really neat!

The real story was our actual stay at Canton. We stayed at a B&B that turned out to not be a B&B, really. Rather, it was an older couple who rented out their bedrooms. She told us we had to eat at 7:30- take it or leave it- and she didn't make coffee. There were possessions in every drawer, the closets were stuffed to the brim, and the man sat in his recliner in the living room and watched us run to and from the bathroom getting dressed.

We went and bought a coffee pot and coffee and all the trimmin's, and made coffee at the crack of dawn. We didn't have even a card table to set around, so there was no card playing or anything like that. It wasn't very relaxing. The thing is, we were there, and there was no room at any other inn in the whole derned country!

Canton swells to a population of about 400,000 during First Monday Sale. The natives number about 3,000. To make up for them having to put up with all the aggravation once a month, they don't have to pay an electric bill. The city takes care of it.

So, now we know. Bob and I are going back in the Spring, and I have already made reservations. At a motel!

The whole time I was gone, I had this really naggy guilty feeling. I kept thinking Bob would just love this! I sure did miss him!


Jean said...

Photo Management 101 from the Queen of Chaos:
Make two subfiles for your First Monday photos: Pending and Uploaded. Move a few to Pending. As you upload them to the blog, move them to Uploaded. That way, you know they're either about to be put on the blog, or already there.

Eliminates tons of sorting.

janie said...

Thanks, that is a great idea!

ancient one said...

All the things you bought sound so nice. Especially the doll.

Once when we went to the Outer Banks we didn't have any place to stay and wound up staying in someone's home. They had filled up the rooms in the little motel built behind their house, but told us there were two rooms in their house that they would rent. We had our children with us. My husband took one room and the boys. I took the other with my daughter. Same thing ... all their stuff in the closets and drawers in the dresser. Next morning early we left and first thing we did was make sure we got into a hotel for the next night. My children still talk about how afraid they were there.