Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Front Garden

This is a peek into the front garden. We ripped all the grass out from the front yard and put in a cottage-y type garden. I am excited about changing some things in this garden this coming Spring.

The majenta flower is a Hardy Hibiscus called 'Cranberry Punch'. The blooms are close to the size of dinner plates, and it has a 'bloom and rest, bloom and rest' cycle for the summer months. I have cut it way back now, and stuck the cuttings, but it grows very easily from seeds. I just have to be very vigilent about harvesting seeds.

Some other things you see here are Purple Fountain grass, and rosa 'Nearly Wild'. Lantana 'True Gold' and 'Red Spread', Confederate rose, and bi-colored iris (Butterfly Iris) are also in this space. It is actually a rather large space, just doesn't look so big here. The garden is approximately 50' long x 40' wide. There is a lot more to explore in this garden.

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ancient one said...

And it is all pretty!!