Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More from my gardens

This lovely is a 'Cat's Whiskers', Tacca chantrierei, also known as 'Bat flower' or 'Devil Flower'. I prefer the name 'Cat's Whiskers'.

It gets about 2' tall and blooms in either white or lavender. The roots are rhizomatous. In our winters, it will freeze but will readily come back.

I say it gets about 2' tall, but I have had it reach my waist (well, what would be my waist, if I had one). It just depends on what is available in the way of plant food, I think. It loves acid soil, moist but well drained, and partial shade.

Root cuttings with at least one bud, seeds, or cuttings of semi-ripe wood will get you many new plants. This one is very easy to propagate.

This is a native of India, or SE Asia. Isn't it marvelous how they get into our yards from so far off?


ancient one said...

Such pretties you have growing in your garden. Love to visit!!

OhioMom said...

Your gardens are always a delight to the eyes ... especially for us Northerners getting ready to face the cold dark days of winter.

I have added you to my blog links.