Saturday, November 24, 2007

My friend Pat

This is my friend Pat.

She is demonstrating how she had injured herself while dancing the YYYY-M-C-A at a wedding the weekend before.

Pat is highly thought of around here. She works about non-stop. She is always taking care of somebody, or doing something for somebody.

Pat is a widow, very devout in her faith. She lost her little boy to cancer when he was about 5 years old. She takes care of all these old folks around here now because when Nicky was sick, they had benefits for him, blood drives for him; they brought crops in for them so she and her husband could stay at MD Anderson with Nicky. She has never forgot their kindness.

I am blessed to have Pat for a friend. People take us for sisters, and have asked if we are twins before. We have the same build, same coloring, same deep gruff voice, and many of the same mannerisms. We are no kin, never knew each other until we met when I transferred to the local Master Gardener group. Our friendship was instant. We have so much in common.

Pat turns another year older this coming week. I am going to take her to lunch at 'Los Cuckos', a nice Mexican restaurant, and celebrate with her. And be glad she is my friend.


ancient one said...

Tell Pat Happy Birthday !! It's good to have a friend like that!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday to Pat. She sounds like a wonderful person.