Wednesday, November 14, 2007

seeds, seeds, seeds......

I TOL' you I had a lot of seedlings! And this isn't all of them. I just kind of go nuts about sowing seeds.

I think these are snapdragons, with one tray of calendulas. I put them in trays because I have too much work in some the flowerbeds to be sowing a lot of seeds there. I will over seed these, when I put the transplants in the ground. It is a good technique, works most of the time.

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Jean said...

Seeds scattered today: Iceland poppies, Violas, mixed Opium and Corn poppies, and Larkspur -- all saved seed, all planted in the biggest rock bed.

Sweet peas went inalong the east side of the stick house. Must be time to plant sweet peas, I found a volunteer!

We had 0.3 in. of rain last night, which is the reason for this activity.

Many, many more seeds yet to scatter....