Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The prettiest YELLOW flower....

This is THE prettiest, most vibrant flower in the garden. The prettiest yellow one.......

This is a Native of Texas called Esperanza. I think it was Greg Grant who saw the potential and went to work to put this plant in every nursery in Texas. It blooms like this most of the year.

It grows easily from seed or can be grown from cuttings. It will easily reach a height of 8 feet, blooming profusely for most of the way.

There is also an orange Esperanza, but it doesn't have the flash that the yellow one has. There is just something about this yellow flower that shouts "I'm happy! Be happy!".

And who could look at that flower and not be happy?

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Jean said...

Esperanza is called 'Tecoma stans' in my part of the country. It will grow easily from seeds but at the first breath of frost, it's toast.

It does come back the next spring from the roots. Five feet is about as tall as it gets in this zone 8 garden.