Sunday, November 25, 2007

back in the good old days...

Does anybody eat fried potatoes anymore?

I don't mean french fries. I am talking about cutting up potatoes in rectangular pieces, but short pieces. Then you fry them in grease- oil, shortening (horrors!) or whatever. If you stir them just right, they will cook soft, with maybe a bit of crispy on one side. If you don't stir them, they will cook crispy on one side and not be soft. Also, they will probably stick together, if you don't stir them.

When I was a kid, we ate fried potatoes at least 5 days a week. My Mother and Dad ate fried potatoes after all us kids grew up and went away, but then it was mostly Daddy doing most of the frying. Sometimes he would get on a health kick and lay off eating eggs, but he never heard about hydrogenated products being full of trans fats and all. So he didn't swear off fried potatoes, and they always used Crisco, in the can. Daddy took real good care of himself too, and back then, he was in great shape. He never heard about frying stuff being bad for you, but I think they would have had to prove it to him.

Anyway, back to those fried potatoes.

When I met my spouse, he had NEVER HEARD OF FRIED POTATOES! I couldn't believe it! I almost didn't marry him because of it! He said his Mama had never cooked them, nor had his spouse from a former life.

Now that the fat phobia is on us, I don't cook them very often.

Tonight we had fried potatoes for supper. Hamburger steak, with brown gravy and onions, fried potatoes, (fried with some bacon drippin's) and cole slaw left over from Thanksgiving dinner. It was a delicious supper.

Sure brought back old memories. I was wishing for some biscuits, too.


ancient one said...

Hey Janie, my grandmother and mother cooked fried taters. They peeled and sliced them across the whole potato.(not square pieces like yours) The slices went into the frying pan with the lard or crisco and a lid was put over it. From time to time they would check them and turn some of them over. They were soft with the brown crispy edges. I liked them but had never tried to cook any. Then one day when my grandmother was visiting I got her to show me how to cook them. I was excited to have something different on the supper table that night. First thing my husband said when he saw them, was who messed up the potatoes. My grandmother was sitting at the table with us. We laughed and I told him, it was something we ate all the time at home. He ate some and said they were good. Later he informed me he preferred french fries...LOL

Jean said...

We also peel and slice crosswise. My mother's fav one-dish meal was potatoes, yellow squash and onions fried together.

Now I spray a teflon skillet with non-stick spray or spray butter (one day they're going to decide that lecithin is bad for you as well as teflon and where will I be?) and add a teaspoon or so of corn oil. I put a lid on the veggies so they steam done and then turn up the heat to brown 'em, turning once.

Sometimes I take some leftover baked potatoes and peel and chop and give them the same treatment, making less greasy hash browns.

I shudder to think of the Crisco we consumed, not to mention real lard.

possum said...

Hey! Just found your blog!
My lazy version of "fried" potatoes is to slice them up on that grater thingie, add onions, salt, pepper, and butter, wrap them in foil and put them on the back of the grill... I like to eat the crunchy ones, myself.
I, too, am a gardener... but totally disorganized. You might like my blog...
Welcome to blogland!

MrBrownThumb said...

We used to eat a lot of fried potatoes just like you described. But I didn't think other people at them I just thought we ate them so much 'cause money was scarce.

Thanks for taking me down memory lane.